How come when I try and animate a component it softens all of the edges?

So I’m trying to animate a disk to spin around its center. I haven’t quite got it figured out yet but I have a problem. Whenever I work in the attributes box my component’s edges get softened. Sometimes it’s when I create or edit an attribute. Sometimes it’s when I delete an attribute.

after the attribute edit, the component updates or redraws, so right click menu and check the soften dialog with all or any sub parts, geometry., the disk will have soften/Smooth edges.

the Soften edges dialog resides in trays.

to spin it around its center, have you placed the axis there?

if still a problem, I believe you can now upload the component (7th icon with arrow))

Thanks for the response. I don’t know what was causing the softening, but it isn’t doing it anymore. I also figured out that I needed to move the origin to the desired center of rotation. I have a problem though. I have a dynamic component nested within another dynamic component. In order to manipulate the nested component I have to double click on the second component. I’m just guessing here, but instead of using the component feature to hold separate parts together, do I need to use the glue feature? I only just started using dynamic animation today and components for about a week, so I’m relatively new to them.

the “glue feature” is used to anchor a component to a plane, not to glue or lock parts, so as you have already done, you use a component to hold the group and component parts together. It must be noted that the on click function works only on the highest level, so a onclick function in the parent would shield any onclicks in sub groups or components below. Therefore place the onclicks on the same level of nesting then use referencing to various attributes up and down in the nesting. This maybe what you are having difficulty with? however if you upload your file it would be easier to give advice

So, there’s the file. My problem is that I need the Rotary Disk Assembly to rotate along its center, but also rotate about the axis of component#2 with that component. I can achieve this by setting the attributes of each of the two components individually, but then the Rotary Disk Assembly is nested within component#2 and I can’t activate it without getting “inside” the component.

experimental mount.skp (2.1 MB)

Besides Rotary Disk, I grouped the other parts within component#2 and made them the trigger point for onclick, then referenced the rotation of component#2
so both trigger points are on the same level of nesting

experimental mount.skp (778.7 KB)

Ah, I see. So you referenced the group from within itself. Thanks a lot! I understand now.

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