Difficulties softening and smoothing a component

Hiya, i’m really new to sketchup, and would be grateful for some help. I’m trying to draw a daybed, when i select my component and go to the soften edges window, there appears to be one cushion in the daybed that doesn’t respond, My assumption is that its properties are some how different from the rest of the component. however, i don’t know what i did wrong in the drawing process. How do i change its properties to match that of the group, so that it responds in the same way when editing.
Daybed editing copy 2.skp (347.7 KB)

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got.

thanks i’ve just attached it now,

i assume to fix it, i could individually select the cushion edges that didn’t smooth the first time, however i would really like to understand why it happened in the first place.

Probably the thing would be to remove the internal faces instead. Then those edges will soften just fine. Here I’ve hidden the external surfaces to reveal the inside faces.

After removing them:

Daybed editing copy 2.skp (101.4 KB)

how do i get to this view in sketchup to see the internal face. :grinning:

I selected and hid the surfaces on the top and front of the cushion. After selecting and deleting those faces I unhid the surfaces.

I also uploaded the fixed version of the component.

thank you, :grinning: :sunflower:

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