Need help with commands

Question 1. what command should be written, or rather, what signs should be put so that when pressed, there will be an animation of a component that is in a separate group, that is, how to make a path to it, a link? for example (ANIMATE"loops->loops1->bottom!RotX",0,90)
Question 2. Is it possible to make an object that rotates have one more rotation mechanism in it? for example, the arrow is spinning, and at the end of this arrow the arrow is still spinning, two movements at the same time

Values are passed with attributes at each level (nesting), you may consider the model space as the parent, but its attributes will only be triggered on a redraw.
The position of onclick(s) should be all on the same level, otherwise the highest one will proceed and the lower ones will never be triggered unless you are within (opened) that level.
So assume onclick is on level “loops”, you can use
ANIMATE (loops1!rotate,0,90)
Then on “loops1” level the custom attribute, in this case named “rotate” with an initial value will change to 0 to 90 or reverse
Then on “bottom” you would referenced RotX to this value

You can use the same attribute (some multiplication or extra) to rotate other parts, or string animations with the semicolon

Adding to this:
animation is a counter, where the input is analyzed in fractions; so a value of 0-90 units would be steps of say 0 to 900 tenths or some other appropriate fraction depending on the “speed” selected
For multiple movements I find it useful to create a counter using AnimateCustom using values say 0-500


then tapping into the values at different points, like a time line. You use the if condition

rotate = if(points>=100, if(points<=190, points,190)-100,0) 

would rotate the object at that period in the “timeline”
you change the speed of the rotation

rotate = if(points>=100, if(points<=145, points,145)-100,0)*2

that is to speed it up, smaller sample to cover larger change