Component Attribute Animation

Hello everyone,

My name is Long. I am an Interior Design Student and I am learning to make 3-D model on SketchUp 2017. (Most of the time I read topics and youtube video in order to understand more about the commands)

Last week, I just learned how to use OnClick to create Animation for the Component. Now I do some easy steps and movements. However, I would like to learn more how to add different movements onto 1 component and I am really struggling now. I have read several different topic for it but I think I could not make it happen or I just do not understand it.

I am trying to make drawer with the movement like the link below.

Like pulling out then rotate 90 degree and go back to the original position.

Thank you for spending your time to read this. I am very appreciated your time and help.

Thank you very much.

refer to

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