How can I just click 1 click on a dynamic components that with 2 animate behaviors?

HI, I’m a new guy of sketchup.
I stuck on some questions about Dynamic Component.
I wonder if anyone can help me…

I draw 2 cubes.
one cube I set it move forward on Y axis.
another cube I set it move down on Z axis.
After that, I group 2 cubes in ONE component.

How can I just click 1 click on the component, to finish that 2 animate behaviors?

Actually, I’m try to draw a sofa bed, need to use this combinations.
Or do you have any other suggestion of that?

Thank you…

To have the actions flow, you could reference the same custom attribute, then add conditions to activate at certain points. The attached example has a attribute called step, you then could use 'if" or smallest or largest conditions
SOFA BED.skp (73.0 KB)

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Dynamic component homework.skp (178.5 KB)

Hi Philip,
It’s my pleasure you help me so much.
It’s something that I want.
But the real thing that I want to do is, the attached file.

Would you mind to give me a favour?
Please have a look of the document and let see can it just do it by one click?

I’m looking forward to receive your reply.
Thank you so much, Philip.

put the “step” attribute and the onclick in the parent “both” then reference that to the two nested with conditions to create the movement , as it is homework, you would need to figure those formulas out using the example above as a guide


Ya, you’re right.
I would try to figure those formulas out.
Thank you for your kindly help and suggestions, Philip :blush: