Need help please!

I would like to move a component in three clicks, first in the X-as, second click in the Z-as and the third click in the X-as. (picture)
I have three components in total, the other two are just moving in the X-as for two or three clicks. And with the formula like in the picture it works.
Edit; in the reply I uploaded a picture so it’s hopefully more clearly
What do I need to change to make it work?

Like this

Dynamic.skp (13.6 MB)
The file

The parts are not ‘wrapped’ in a Component, so the positions of these parts are ‘absolute’
this makes it hard to control whenever something is changed.

If you wrap them in a component, the positions are relative to that components origin, which make it easier to control the movements.

Two more things, Onclick functions act on one Attribute only, but you can have more Onclick functions seperated by a colon ( ; ) activated on a single click.

You can get more control if you use additional attributes (eg. ‘travel’, positionPin, etc)

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I will try this, thanks for the help!

I tried it, but I don’t know what I need to fill in at ‘Custom’.

I’m new to this and can’t get it to work with the ANIMATECUSTOM or (;).
I would like to get the pipe to the following coordinates:
Start: X= 306.179 Z= 104.542
First click: X=290.785 Z=104.542
Second click: X= 290.785 Z=119.465
Third click: X= 306.179 Z=119.465

Could you tell me what I need to fill in in the formula?

You can check wich parameters a function needs if you check the tab on top.
Now, you execute all three commands with a single click.
You only need two:

If you create some additional attributes, you can use a ‘state’ indicator, and SET this on each click.
So the first command will move in X direction, the second (SET) will change the state indicator.
If you have an attribute that holds the first parameter of ANIMATE function, the second click will move the Y direction

On a phone now, I cannot dive deeper

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Thank you for your reply, I tried it with the animator plug-in. It’s maybe not the best, but it works easier for me.

Thanks for your time en help anyway!

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I’m sorry, I already answered the second (double) topic.