How can I scale a steel beam without the existing holes deforming?

Hey all,

SketchUp noob here and looking for some help. I have feeling this will be an easy one but I yet to find the quickest way.

Basically I was trying to not create a new miter or beam and want to scale the flush-cut-end of the beam to the angle iron “brackets” but when scaling the beam, the current holes (for through bolts) on the 4x8 deform as I scale.

Continue reading for more info: The stairs are to scale with a current physical space. I can’t move the angle iron brackets to the beam since the brackets are attaching to a brick wall.

Although there are extensions which allow you to ‘scale’ only part of a component I suggest you learn to do it ‘manually’ at first.
This is a simple shape.
Just edit the component-instance [double-click it, or select it and use the context-menu item > edit], and then use a fence to select the parts you want to move and then use Move tool, using inference to constrain the movement, then type a distance+enter OR snap to the new location.

In the first image I’d just select the mitered end and Move it to snap onto the other mitered part.

If it’s like the second image make sure you select the end face and the holes and move those to snap to the heel of the cleats.

If you have several such component-instances they will all change.
So if you want just some of them to be a specific length select one and context-menu > make_unique…
Then changing that does not affect its siblings…


Hey TIG,

Amazing response time and exactly what I was looking for! Easy! I tried both ways you suggested. I agree with you in learning it manually first before referencing an extension. Thanks again!

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You already got it, but here’s an animation of what TIG was saying