Basic resizing an object problem


I’m a new / quite basic user, and I’m creating a garden studio design. I’m currently designing a wooden frame, and as per the diagram below, I’m trying to cut one of the wooden uprights in half, where the oblong for the window is. I’ve tried doing this with the tape measure, but for some reason its not working correctly. Are there any other ways of ‘resizing’ or cutting objects?



I’d recommend watching Matt Donley’s videos, starting with this:

Matt Donley building a shed


Hi James , If the uprights are components ,which i hope they are then you can make the one you want to alter unique by right clicking and select make unique and then just use the push pull to pull the height down or scale it from the top.
- YouTube


Many thanks Phil - the scale button is my new best friend! Spent hours trying to figure out what to do earlier. The next challenge is working out how to replicate all of the uprights I’ve constructed on the first side, on to the other sides… my horizontal timber doesn’t appear to want to move through axis. I’m clearly going to have to watch more tutorials

Thanks again

Sides mean ?? Other wall?. Select whole wall you just made and move copy across. I assume they are the same. You may still need some window headers and jack studs etc? Where two walls intersect beef up in that area is also required.
Primitive geometery that is not group or component will “stick” together so make them such . May help Simple Instructions for How to Frame a Shed - Fine Homebuilding