How can I restore a raster image-based texture file from the internal version stored in the skp file?

SketchUp has a useful ability to import jpg images as a group, edit the image face directly. Ungroup (explode) the image group and then extrude the image face into a 3D object with the photo realistic image texture on top and bottom and with the extruded sides reflecting the image texture as well.

The material in SketchUp has the “Use Texture Image” checkbox checked and gives the path to the file originally imported and modified. This also translates nicely into VRay rendering.

Once you save your *.skp file, it will reload and display – even if the original jpg image is deleted or renamed. This means that SketchUp is maintaining an internal copy of this texture image. If VRay is unable to locate the original image, it too can properly render the image using SketchUp’s internal version of the image texture.

However, if in SketchUp you go to materials and uncheck the “Use Texture Image” checkbox and then recheck it, you will be prompted to browse for the image … which now no longer exists. The image texture will be removed from the object. In order to restore your model, you need to exit SketchUp without saving and then reload the *.skp file or use the Revert command.

So my question is: How can I restore the original file used for this image texture by saving or exporting the internal texture image that SketchUp obviously maintains?

Work Flow:
I created a very simple model of a paint can stirring stick by:

  1. Loading an original image (as an Image not a texture), something like:
    Original Image

  2. I then used line and arc drawing tools to cut away fuzzy edges, provide a rounded top, and smooth arcs for the handle.

  3. I exploded the group (jpg Images are brought in as a group).

  4. I extruded the face of my edited paint stirrer face to give it some thickess, with the result looking like this:

It looks great and renders well in both SketchUp and VRay, but I have since lost the original image texture file. (the one I showed above is only approximately the same as the one I originally used).

How can I restore the image texture that Sketchup is maintaining internally?

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First I will say it sounds like you used a bunch of extra steps for that.

But to get the texture image out, go to the In Model Materials, right click on the texture and choose Export Texture Image.

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Thanks DaveR! I’m just learning.

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