Missing textures when I open skp file on another computer

Hello guys, my name is Ericsson and I’ve been working with PBR materials on SketchUp 2017 + V-Ray 3.40.04 but I’ve been facing a problem - which is why I come here to ask your advice.

I apply the maps in the appropriate slots, such as Diffuse, Reflect, Reflection Glossiness, Fresnel IOR and Bump, and save the skp file. But every time I try to open this skp file on another computer, the skp file only shows a single texture I’ve applied (Diffuse). I did a test creating a folder with all the textures of that object in the same directory as the skp file and it worked but I was wondering: is it possible to do this without having to create this folder with the textures and have all those textures contained within the skp file??

I would greatly appreciate hearing your advice!

The SKP file doesn’t contain all that stuff you’ve applied to the textures so it is reasonable that the Vray-specific settings wouldn’t show up when you open the SKP file on another machine.

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Thanks for asking!

I was wondering that this is a problem so I have to look for answers on Chaos Group’s website, right?

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