Sketchup Material or Colour Issue

Can someone tell me what the blue squares in the pic mean? Is there a material, colour, or texture missing?
I also notice that the roof is not the colour it is supposed to be…something strange going on.

It’s a texture created by Binding in V-Ray as a Texture Helper

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Thanks. The SKP model was created by a freelancer. When I opened it, I saw the strange texture icons.
So does that mean there is a texture missing? Do I need to import the texture?

It’s a material with a texture generated by V-Ray. You can change that texture with other texture file.


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I also have Vray installed.
Why did the texture not automatically appear or get applied from Vray?

You’re welcome!
Because that material didn’t have a texture, it was just a color.
Texture Helper helps you to know the scale at which a material is and you can modify it.

Look at the explanation in this tutorial

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Thank you!
While you are here, may I ask a different question…I just used Chaos Cloud Batch Render (where I currently have 18 credits remaining), however after using the service one time, the button is now disabled.