How can I recover a color swatch I accidentally deleted?

When I was adding color to my project I accidentally deleted one of the WOOD textures fron the paint paint bucket window. Is there a way to restore that swatch or get more choices?


Run the installer again and choose the option to repair SketchUp.

Any way to do this on a Mac without completely deleting and reinstalling?

I double clicked a material to edit it, then clicked another, which for some reason assigned the first material’s texture to the second. Now I can’t get it back - undoing does nothing.

I have the same problem, I am on a Mac and cannot seem to locate the installer

The installer typically lands in your Downloads folder as a .dmg. It does not delete itself after install, so unless you moved it to Trash yourself, it should still be there. Otherwise you can get it from

When you install, it should ask whether you want to keep or replace the previous files. It is safe to say “replace”.

where was the original material from?

if you have modified any of the SU or User Collection materials you can just get another copy…
with the wrongly modified in model material open for editing, navigate to the original material and click it before closing the edit…

if the material was in a downloaded file, re-download, open the skp select the color in the paint tool, switch to the spoilt model and re-paint the ruined item…