How can I make "cups"

I am working with a forecast station (Meteo) and it’s very hard to find some cups to have a such result of cups or single cup with the hole for the screws.
I also do not know the angle but how would you suggest me to do that for at least one piece.

Hi pierrot10, did you try FOLLOW ME tool? After basic shape you can use SOLID TOOLS. I think :smiley:

The good news is that you only need to model one third of the five identical parts.

Here’s the cup form, the rest I can do after I get back from my appointment.


Back from the Doc, here’s the rest of it, albeit a bit shaky.
Holes for cup


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Houha @Box , you are a king! I am impress how you did it so fast.
I am going to reproduce it, this evening.
I also have to investigate about some “rules”, like the angle, the thikness

Thanks a lot. I could make cups and I am very happy with the progress,
But now I face a problem. I need to add a screw in the cone

I symbolized the hole for the screw with the vertical cylindre

My question is , how to make a hole in a face which is rond and not vertical or horizontal.
A hole to have a screw to fix the top .

Do you see my question?

I think the command you are looking for is “intersect Faces” (contextual menu) or–if you have made the objects as solids, Solid Tools.

There is also a command you might use: Delete Guides (Edit Menu)–for when you have a lot of guides in your drawing which you no longer need.

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I wasn’t sure of you wanted the hole to go one way or the other, so I did both but only recorded one. This is a manual method for doing it what I think you want.
Hole in slope


Thanks for your answer.
But the two parts, should be a component before, or two different group?

Or what happen, if my cylinder is into a componment and I move 4 of them over the cone. Does the 3D printer will consider a hole because of the cylinder?

Solid Tools works on two or more “Solid” groups or components. In the end, I think for printing you want to have a solid object (group or component) but that is for the final product not for the operation. For “intersect” you could work with different groups (for some things I do that), but usually you want the faces (raw geometry) in the same context. Since you are well along in your model, the objects SHOULD be component and groups not a lot of raw geometry, so you need to put the new geometry into the group that you wish to intersect.

I don’t quite get your second question. In the end the object will be one group- a Solid for printing. If you have drawn the cylinder completely through the other object, you have to remove the interior cylinder surfaces after intersect faces, since Solids can’t have interior faces.

In fact, I will be happy with the following (do not pain attention about the green part)

I am into the componment of the cup and I create a cylinder of 10mm of diameter with a hole of 4mm. I moved over the cup

I still have to take because the plate touch the cylinder, but I can make my cylinder a bit smaller
The need is to be able to modify my cylinder after “intersect faces”, as well, without affecting the cup (like modifying the diameter, of the position of 3 cylinders)
Many thanks

Dear Box,
Great and nice videa. Thtat’s help so much!
Then you first create a cylinder and you place it into the cup component.
Then you explode the cylinder component and you wedge the angle.

We are agree, that from that point., later I will not be able to modify the cilynder (Diameter, position). I will try later


I noticed you are using circles/arcs with a very low number of segments. Any part actually produced from this, such as 3D printing, etc, will show as low quality appearance because of the low segments number.

Take note whenever you go into the circle tool (same for arc tool), but before you actually draw a circle (or arc), the status display at the bottom of the screen will show how many segments are to be drawn, and at that moment you can type a different number.

Hope this helps.

Dear Box,

I can not reproduce the exercise with the hole. Here is the cone from two view

I am in the cone componment and I exploded the cylinder
I inserted with face selection

I welded edges
I deleted the top of the cylinder

but all the cylinder was gone.

I previously could do, but after deleteing the other faces as you showed in your video, I never got the same result

The highlighted part of your screenshot shows that the faces have not intersected. Without seeing your model it is hard to guess what you have done.