How can I have the same form of second componment

I hope you are going well.

I have some cups and the first must be fixed to a “plate”. In order to minimize the material I would like to remove unusfull material.

If you look at this two componment (the dark and the cups)

The top of the cup has a “hole” (not the three perfect rounded hole)

How can I have the same hole into the dark part and make sure that the hole, in the dark part, is exactely in the same position of the white part?

Do you see?

Many thanks

I would copy the edges of the hole from the top component and then use Paste in place to put them into the dark component.

Dear DaveR,
thanks a lot. It helped me a lot. I could not reproduce your demo, but:
I move up the cup and I select the my special form and I wedged the line, in order to have selection. With the Tape Mesure tool, I marked where the selection should be placed. I placed my special selection and I inserted the face with a selection. I did the “hole”. I am very happy with the result.

Many thanks for your help!!!

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