How to make a hole in another component in the same place


Hi everyone!
I am using sketchup for quite a while and faced with a situation in which I need to make a circled hole in one component right in the same place as the coordinates of another circled hole in another component according to this requirements:

  1. x coordinates of center of hole 1 = x coordinates of center of hole 2,
  2. z coordinates of center of hole 1 = z coordinates of center of hole 2
  3. y coordinates differs

I need this for a case project so that different sides of the case can be mounted using a bolts that will screw through both holes.
Please see attached pictures


I have a couple of circled holes in red side panel and I need to make circled holes in gree one to be able to screw a bolt in these both holes.

Thank you for your reply


Use the menu View > Component Edit > Hide Rest of Model… [toggle ON/OFF]
To make sure nothing obscures your view when you are editing a component [or group] in the ensuing steps.
Edit the back part.
Select the circles forming the holes - to make multiple selections hold Ctrl [to remove incorrectly selected geometry use Ctrl+Shift]
Use Edit > Copy to add them to the clipboard.
Now edit the front panel part.
Use Edit > Paste-in-Place
Copies of the circles are now added on to the back-face of the panel.
If the parts touch properly they will no be intersected and you can now PushPull those circles to form holes or recesses in the panel geometry…


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Thank you so much! It worked for me. But sometimes these components are not face to face so that after pasting the circle is outside the face of the component… I tried to measure the distance between these two components and then move that circle in that same amount of mm but can’t since the distance was a fractional of 1\1000 of mm and tape measure tool didn’t stick to the edge… Ideas?


Instead of measuring the distance for the move, take advantage of the built in inferencing. Either use the cursor keys to lock the move direction or use Shift to lock it after you’ve started the move and put the cursor on the destination face.

There are many ways to utilize inferencing which make it possible to ignore what the distance measures.


Guys! Thank you so much for sharing these techniques! You helped me to improve my skills!