How to work on multiple components and/or selected objects

Hello. Does anybody knows how to convince sketchup to make modyfications on many marked and same objects like circles etc? Example attached. I dont understand why this quite simple and intuituve process is not available in this software…i have created an object which is a flat surface like panel then a single circle which i made a component. then multiplied it in line and then i multiplied the lines from top to buttom. first the only component was a single circle but suddenly It is marked and makes changes only in verrticle lines as it was a different component. i wish to make holes in all the circles at the same time but i cannon. if i mark some of the vertical lines together and make it component. the circles still cant be modified into holes . this software can not modyfie them alltogether - still works only in one vertical lines.

You copied the circles horizontally within the component, so only one in the component gets modified in each row.
Array the circle component itself, not the geometry within it.

However, I suspect there is a simpler way to do what you want.

hello. many thanks for help. it is still complicated. becouse its totally not intuitive…
after copying all the circles like you said. the following lines of circles are beneth the surface and as a result if you want to push the hole inside it blocks it. why is that?

Looks as if your Move/Copy wasn’t exactly on axis. Undo and try again.