Creating a hole using a cone shape I created


i have created two items and would like to make holes in one of them where the other would slide into. I took the cone shape from the one that would slide in, and made a copy. I want to take that cone shape, run it through the other item, positioned where I would like the holes and somehow make the cone shape disapear and leave the two holes in the part.

Does that make sense, and is it possible?

I am brand new to Sketch Up and haven’t done any drafting, or technical drawing sinse using paper and pencil in school.

Thanks in advance.


That’s exactly right. Once you get the cones into position, select the item and two cones, then right-click > Intersect Faces with Selection. You’ll see lines form at the intersections of the shapes; those lines cut the parts. After the intersect command, just erase/delete all the excess geometry.



Thanks. That worked perfectly.