Sketchup 2017 - hole through a cone

I’m trying to punch a hole through a cone ( think of an inverted paper coffee cup). I’ve drawn the cone and attempted to punch a cylinder of the correct diameter through the cone. I used Intersect with Model and then withdrew the cylinder. The resulting hole leaves a gap between the two walls of the cone.

The following skp file shows where I’m at.

hole through a cone.skp (164.3 KB)

First thing I did was to reverse the faces on the cup. Not that it was needed, but it looked better then. After that I put the tube where I think you mean it to go, and selected both objects, then did the intersect with selection. Then I exploded both groups, and deleted the parts that weren’t needed. I imagine there is a faster way, that doesn’t use the solid tools Subtract, which only comes with SketchUp Pro.

hole through a cone 2.skp (175.3 KB)

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Thanks, that worked. Can I ask how you reversed faces?

Just figured it out.

In addition to what you found (select all the faces and reverse them from the right-click menu), you can right-click reverse one face, then right-click Orient Faces. That should make any connected faces reverse if they need to.