Copy and paste cone into a plane. Simple, but not

Hey fellow 3d folks,

I’m trying to copy and paste this cone:

right next to the existing one. I select the cone, select the move tool, press option (I’m on a mac), and move the new cone to the desired location.

However, when I go to delete the now-filled top and bottom of the cone, sketchup won’t let me select just the top, but selects the entire surface surrounding the cone, as shown in the picture.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to select and delete just the top and bottom of the cone, so that it looks like the original one. I think I’ve tried everything except for the correct method. Thanks in advance,


it’s a bit hard to see what’s happening in the image you refer to…
maybe adding it to your post and the skp would be useful…

Whole top surface is selected implies the cone has not intersected with the surface. Try move tool again and make you get an on face interference.

Holes on faces can be problematic on occasions, sometimes they don’t cut the face no matter how well they are placed. Even intersect can fail to break the face.
It can help to have a face in the hole, it tends to make the two faces separate.
As you see below, the thick profile on the circle on the left shows it hasn’t intersected the face while the one on the right has. In this case intersect with selection finished the cut, but it’s not always the case.


I do often use the plugin fixit in these cases…

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