How can I give a bottom to a form


I would like to have a bottom of that form and then give 2mm of thickness.

Should I first weld the edges?
I tryed (with pen) to join two angle and then the face was “covered” but when I add a thickness (with push/pull), I could not select all to change the color. And I observed, while I pulled up (to add a tickness), the bottom move up as well.

Then I wonder if all the edges were welded.
It may have a easy tool, to do that, isn’t?


Might be quicker to take a fresh start. Draw your shape, push pull to your bottom thickness. Then use the offset tool to desired width of the walls. Push pull walls to height.
push_pull offset


Try tapping Option or Alt after starting the push-pull operation. That will tell SketchUp to be sure to leave the initial face in place, when completing the push-pull operation. It will probably also leave some internal walls around the perimeter of the push-pulled face that you would need to erase (if you want a “solid” object result).

For many 3D printed parts I find it useful to model in a way similar to the way the object will be printed. If you were printing that part the entire part would be printed up to the thickness of the bottom before the wall feature would even start to show. The method @tuna1957 shows emulates that process. It also avoids the need to do any cleanup of internal faces or other fixes.

Hello, thanks for your advises. I created a new form as proposed by @tuna1957 . Thanks a lot

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