How can I draw this corner?




depends how detailed you want to be if you just want it fast and dirty that’s relatively simple if you want detail … might take … ahem a bit longer ?


A combination of some good measurements, the RoundCorner extension, scale tool, move tool, arc tool ought to do it


Not exactly but might give you some ideas. Some push pull, rounding corners, vector tools, follow-me and soap skin.
(not all shown in gif) - i modified initial model for render


Hi, I would draw a rectangle the exact size of the width and length of your item and then pull the height with the push pull tool. Know import photos of the top side, and end as textures . Position them on the top, side and end faces.
You can then draw the exact curves on all the sides and then push pull where required and then intersect the whole lot with model and delete what is not required . This is a video on intersecting and erasing unwanted geometry . ( a different project ,but it shows the idea )