How to make a clone from a rectangle


I am a novice and I am using the Sketchup for the web version.
I need to create a enclosure and I first create a rectancle with 2mm of thinkness

I would like to do something similar to this

If you look at the second image, there is a tape measure at about 100mm from the bottom, I would like the rectangle become smaller like a cone but from the tape measure line.

Secondly, I would like to have the corner, rounded. Not with a angle of 90°, without losing the thinkness?

Any idea will help?

Maybe change the way you’re thinking about creating this? I would draw a cross section profile and a rectangle with rounded corners as a path for Follow Me.

In this case I made the profile so the top would remain open which eliminated potential overlapping geometry.

After Follow Me ran it was easy enough to erase the edges of the hole at the top. SketchUp automatically filled in the faces, then.

The result is a clean solid component if you are planning to 3D print it.

Ouha, it’s what I am looking for. Thanks
But honnestly, I have no idea how to the first picture.

For the rectancle, I guess, I should create a simple rectangle with 2mm of thinkness, and then with 2 point arc tool, I can make the round. But how you create white part of you draw?

I never use Follow Me, but I will discover it :slight_smile:

Sorry, I am novice

The rectangle with the rounded corner was drawn by making a rectangle and then using the 2-Point Arc tool to cut off the corners. After you draw the first radius, double click in each of the other corners to repeat the process.

To draw the profile you could start with a vertical rectangle, draw the profile shape and erase the rest.

If you are planning to 3D print the model, I would suggest setting units to Meters and modeling so that your 2mm wall thickness is 2 meters thick. This will help you avoid issues with very tiny faces or missing faces. Just make sure the import units are mm in the slicer when you import the .stl

Thanks a lot!!
I could easyl draw the rectancle with rounded corner

(Rectangle on the top).
Don’t pain attention of the rectangle, on the left. I just drawed it to have an idea about the high and the bottom size.

You wrote to draw a vertical rectangle and draw the sharp. You do that with Freeand tool or you repeat the operation with the 2 point arc? I supposed at this point, I should take care to have 2mm thubkness, isn’t?


Do you mind to show me how you do the vertical part, before doing with Follow Me. I tried several way without success.
Many thanks

From left to right:

A rectangle drawn vertically. Draw the outside shape on it. Also add the rounded rectangle for the Follow Me path.
Erase the outer edges of the rectangle, select the curve and use Offset to outline the inner curve.
Add a vertical edge with the Line tool.
Erase everything except the cross section profile.
Ready for Follow Me.

Of course in practice you would do this all centered on the origin and not copied down the red axis as I did for this step by step.

Hello DaveR
Thanks a lot for your help but what I do not understand is how you do the superior and inferior shape, of your first rectangle

and how you did the inferior shape in parallel with the superior line

Many thanks for your patience and help :slight_smile:

To draw the outer (superior) curve I used the Line and 2-Point Arc tools.

To create the inner (inferior) edges, I use Offset.

If these things are really unknown, you should probably spend some time learning how to use SketchUp before you try to model the object. Start with Also look at the Square One YouTube videos.

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