How can I create a rounded top for this elbow?

Hi, I have been trying to create a curved elbow model with a rounded top, I used follow me for everything, but the dome just comes out weird with these weird holes and edges that are still visible after smoothing it out. The guidelines also show that it’s not as round and smooth as a dome should be. How can I fix this?

Based on your screen shot it would appear your pipe isn’t round in cross section. Holes would likely be due to working at too small of a size. Try scaling up the model by a factor of 100 or 1000 before running Follow Me. Or use the Dave Method.

Can you upload the SKP file?

Yes :smiley:
yunotround.skp (85.9 KB)

As suspected, the profile is not circular. this is the reason for the edges not meeting at a point on the dome. Is the pipe supposed to be round?

With a circle instead of this ellipse profile it would work fine.

Also, through how many degrees do you want this elbow to sweep? Should it be 90°? And what radius do you want for the centerline of the pipe?

Does this look more like what you want?

Yeah! Thank you so much!