How can I build a glass wall in Sketchup Free?

I’m trying to model a greenhouse I’m designing. I nee to be able to make glass walls, but I don’t see how.

What part are you having problems with? Share your model file so we can see what you’ve got so far.

Can you make a cube, turn it into a group or component, then using materials ‘paint’ it with one of the glass options, then copy the glass ‘brick’ to make a wall of them?

Thank you. Can you tell me where to find glass options in the web, free version?

Have you looked in Materials for Glass and Mirrors?

By the way, you should apply the materials to the faces in your components, not the component containers.

I have just the base done, with the raised beds. Now I want to add angled walls, and one of them needs to be glass.

I just started learning sketcher. It’s a bit of a challenge. I’d be happy to share what I’ve done if you think its useful.

I don’t think the free version has it. All I see are colors. I tried to edit the materials for transparency, but I only get an option to upgrade.

It would probably be in your best interest to first take time to learn the basics of working in SketchUp. Start with

I’d bet my lunch money it does. Click on the magnifying glass icon to the right of the house so the blue bar is under that button. See my screen shot.

Sharing the SketchUp model file does make it easier for us to identify what you need to do or perhaps fix.

How will you use the SketchUp model after you’ve created it? What information do you need to get from it?

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Thank you. I am working my way through I haven’t come across anything abut glass.

I’m designing a four season greenhouse for Vermont with rooms behind the north wall for a kitchen, poultry coops, aquaculture, a lab, and more. I want to share the model with people who know ore than I do about various aspects of building it. And I want to see ho some of my ideas pan out once I get the out of my head and into a form I can see and manipulate.

Typing glass into the search displays the lasso tool only.

So you aren’t creating a building plan.

That wasn’t what I instructed. Click on the Browse button with the magnifying glass in the Materials panel.

I will also be using the final design as a building plan, I’m not close to that point though.

Thank you for clarifying what you meant. I found it! Just where you told me it would be.

For your interest, glass in the global search feature returned Lasso to allow for typos. Glad you found the material browse button.

Depending on what you need in the way of a plan you might find it will be worthwhile to switch to SketchUp Pro to have the ability to generate reports and materials lists and to have access to LayOut for creating the plan document.

Good deal.

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