Can I do framing in sketchup free? and if so how? I saw a cool tutorial with house builder. Does it work with free?

I am drawing plans for a 910 sq ft house that will be class k permitted in Mendocino county so not very rigorous requirements. Any and all advice welcome.

Thank you, P

You can draw framing for a house in SketchUp Free but the Housebuilder Extension only works with SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Make. There’s no facility currently to use extensions with SketchUp Free.

In SketchUp Free you can draw the framing parts you need and make them components. I would start by drawing the foundation and build up from there.

Is this a model you’re doing for your own personal use? Are you planning to use your SketchUp model to create documentation for permitting or construction plans?

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And how difficult is it to do this? Watching that housebuilder tutorial got me excited. Wondering if the library has pro.

Yes I am. I already drew up my own house plans by hand and had them pass. Now a friend wants me to do it and people keep saying check out sketchup

There’s not much to drawing framing members like studs. Draw a rectangle and use Push/Pull to make it 3D. I’d make a component of the stud and copy it to make the others as needed.

You should investigate using SketchUp Pro. You could then use Housebuilder and you’d have LayOut for creating the documents you’d need.

Ya it sounds fly. Any chance they have scholarships for poor single moms? I’m currently looking to see if the library has it.

Not that I’m aware of. You can charge your friends for the work and cover the cost in no time.

It’s unlikely that the library will have it in a form that you can use at home. Maybe you’d be able to go use it there.

That is very very true

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