Drawing polygonal 3D body

Hello to all!

Im academy sculptor graduate and am doing glass terrariums.

Now this one client has special request, he wants me to make him this:

I opened sketchup and tried to draw it because i need exact measurments but i cant seem to grasp it. The bottom is hexagon and everything starts from there. Ive both tried starting with triangles, and square parts but it dont work for me.

It would mean so much to me if someone could draw it for me, or give me some instructions how to start something like this… It doesnt have to be exact! Drawing it is just a start, next i gotta make it so bear with me and help me draw it if u can! Thanks!

You could do it like this


wow amazing polygon work!

Do u maybe have that model that u can send me?

The model I created just to show you the steps, is not made according to the dimensions you want.
vaza(2016).skp (140.7 KB)

Amazing… thank u very much!

Are u from Croatia?

That was good!!!

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Thank you!

Improved version and source file - Hobby mihai.s - #23 by mihai.s

Not from Croatia :wink: (check my profile)

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Its so nice of you that you drew it :smiley: U refined it very nice… and to the picture.

Ive tried it for myself and it came out great.

I cant seem to find download link… where do i download your model?

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3D Warehouse (click on text in the bottom-right)

Can u imagine the price of this piece?

Ive asked the company and they sold it for 1.5K dollars… Thats so hard to believe… in material its maybe 50 dollars…

Ive asked 100$ for it… maybe too little but i didnt wanna loose a client

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indemnity insurance alone is likely more than your 100$…

@Box is the glass artisan around here, you should look at his work…


Charging 100$ for something like this is firstly, an insult to all other glass workers and secondly, commercial usage of Sketchup and as such you need to use Pro.
You have been told this before but ignored the warnings and continued to use the non commercial version for commercial work in violation of the license for years.