Colour through glass on PDF


I have created a model of a greenhouse. All looks good but when I try to convert each of the scenes it into a PDF to print the back ground colour changes behind teh glass. Any thoughts?


Can you show us how it is changing?

Is this in SketchUp Free or SketchUp 2018 Pro? you have both indicated in your profile.


Sketch up free. How do I show an image or link a page.


You could upload the PDF file by clicking on the Upload button here in the forum. It’ll be the 7th button from the left in the row above the message window. You could also make a screen shot of the SketchUp screen to upload in the same way.


SketchUp.pdf (1.3 MB)


Are you referring to the magenta in the background?

Can you share the SKP file? You can save it to the 3D Warehouse and share the link.


I am referring to the magenta, bright yellow and green. Could it be how I am saving a PDF? I went file, print, open PDF preview


Could be. Seeing the SKP file would be useful.


I will try to upload that. Thanks for your help. 2 minutes.


I called it writers retreat. not sure if it is there. Have not done this before.


I’m getting it now.


Well, exporting to PDF from SketchUp 2018 Pro yields this.

Exporting to PDF from LayOut is the best with this:

I expect it’s the PDF exporter in SU and SU Free not handling transparency correctly.

What do you get if you export a PNG instead of PDF?


SketchUp Pro is the only version that has a PDF exporter built-in. It cannot handle transparency, materials or shadows because it is a vector graphics only exporter, mainly meant for producing 2D artwork for postprocessing in, for instance, Illustrator. Transparency is a raster effect. When I use a 2D DWG or PDF export and want transparent glass, I usually hide it (the only case I know for placing geometry on another layer than 0).

The same happens if you print to a PDF printer from Make or Pro and check the Vector Printing (MAC) or “Use high-accuracy HLR”(PC) print quality option.

I would guess that what we see in the PDF @Shorehill posted is caused by the semitransparent PNG tree in the background. Setting the Transparency quality option to Nicer in your Styles>Edit>Background settings might improve things.


I’d forgotten about the Vector only export with SU Pro’s PDF exporter. I only ever export to PDF from LO.


I don’t generally use SU’s built in PDF exporter anymore myself. On a Mac, the other way to produce a pdf is via the print dialog box. (works with any application that can print) Whatever works with the paper printout works with this pdf output including textures and transparency.


Thank you so much - i have a better understanding now. Cheers


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