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You have too much free time on your hands @mihai.s ! :stuck_out_tongue: Great work as always.


Thank you, Eric! :slight_smile: I’m learning!

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Starting from this post

2D contour lines to Z to 3D terrain with Fredo TopoShaper


Mirroring an object using the midpoint distance between two points


I also discovered the GRASSHOPPER style plugin for SketchUp, but haven’t had the time to try it out. What do you think of it?

Nice work on the Barbie house.

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Hi, _kimga!

If you mean Samuel’s plugin - Parametric Modeling, I used it very little and I think it can be useful, but I chose to learn little by little ‘geometry nodes and procedural materials in Blender’, and to import the created models into SketchUp when it is necessary.

Thank you!

It was interesting to model the Barbie house, especially since I had to ‘combine’ several small areas to be able to create the whole model, like a puzzle, based on the few pictures available on the net, which did not cover the whole building.
But I had the opportunity to learn or practice some work techniques.

What a small world! :slight_smile:

Sometimes, it’s easier to sketch an idea on paper, which you then translate into a 3D model on the computer.

Thanks for the message and have a nice day!

Starting from this post - stones

Create chipping in stone blocks, Blender to SketchUp


Animated American Flag :us:

made in Blender

Have a nice day!



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;^) It’s a little too windy for comfort.

;^) Making a flag wave with Shader Graph | Unite Now 2020 - YouTube

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Starting form this post - Dino

  • ‘‘virtual paleontologist’’ :grinning:

  • assembled

  • starting (perspective change and tracing/convert jpg to dxf)


Starting from this post - weld

Welding in SketchUp or Blender (export DAE)


That’s cool but blender has too many buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a different mindset working with that program.

There are many buttons in Blender, but for specific cases, only a few may be needed.
For example - welding, just move the two objects you want to weld in the collection (folder) already created by the addon (plugin) and the weld will appear, and then if you need, you can move the parts or modify the characteristics of the weld as you need and as many times as you need, and the update is done instantly and live.
And then you export the model as a DAE file, which you import into SketchUp and benefit from a quick way to create certain components for your SketchUp project.

I put in the video methods for both, SketchUp and Blender.

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Starting from this post - Shrinking to a cone

Creating a conical shape from the rings in SketchUp (desktop)

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Selecting and editing groups and components, even those inside another group with a ruby script, Curic Deep Select and V-Ray.

I used Bard AI to generate the ruby script I needed. The script takes the color from the face and applies it to the group or component it belongs to. Then I was able to select the groups and components that have that material using V-Ray.
Thanks, Google! :wink:

If you want to edit/correct a model in which groups or components, located inside other groups, and which have at least one face with an applied material (color), you can select all these groups, assign them a tag by material, and then clean and arrange them correctly.


Starting from this post - shape


Starting from this post - rope


Like, How?

Draw the path and the profile, then Follow Me, Vertex Tools and SUbD.