Is there a plugin to give a shape a body?

Is there a way to give this shape a body? Push pull is not the way. I guess I can model it in parts to make it work. Is that the only way?


Joint Push/Pull could be used. It would probably make more sense to make the volume with thickness in the first place and then cut the openings.

I’m afraid you’ll have to use an extention that makes push/pulling a surface possible rather then only single faces one at a time.
Also since your model is symmetrical in more than one way you could do with less work starting to model just 1/4 of the object and then copy/mirror that.

I have never actually done that, but I did see people modeling that way in Blender the other day (youtube tutorial). I was thinking about starting to do that. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks

I will try, I have not actually done it that way before. Thanks

I made a quick example. I used Follow Me with a section profile, then modeled a cutter volume, and use Solid Tools to subtract the cutter from the object. Obviously similar cutters can be used for the end holes and the bottom. Actually the bottom hole could be worked into the cross section profile so that would be one less hole to cut later.

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