Furniture 3D modeling

I will share some of my models that were made in SketchUp, hope you like them.


The Rock Hut would be a good one for Aaron and/or Tyson.

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I had a measuring tape, a student version of Revit, and a lot of free time. But don’t let that deter you!

Consider doing it in 2D if you want to do it quickly and cheaply - measure the overall dimensions of your furniture and rooms, draw them to scale, and cut out the furniture to rearrange them on your floor plan. If you prefer 3D, like me, you can download Google Sketchup Make (which is free even if you aren’t a student) and model your furniture there. In either case, you must go through and measure everything, but not to the same extent that I did.

Very clean and detailed modeling. Good job :+1:

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