Hillside Mansion

This is my first model where i tried to make a hill, or atleast ground to make it look more “realistic”. I got alot of inspiration and help from youtube and google. What do you think? :smiley:

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Based on what I can see here, the driveway looks a little steep, while that may not be a major issue, getting up a steep driveway means using a lot of engine power and a glass walled garage at the top of it would make me a bit nervous, I can see myself smashing through a wall ( I am not a good driver, but thats just me.)

Overall, not bad at all for a first try, modeling landscapes can be tricky to get a hang of. As usual, I can only make comments on what I can see, I always prefer to take a look at the model itself when possible. If you want a more specific analysis of your work and a more technical critique, go ahead and upload it so I can take a closer look; if not, thats fine too. Keep practicing and keep sharing your work! I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

Haha… I have a project with the same name that I thought about posting. Lol. Looks good. Keep at it my friend.

Oh… And the glass wall in the garage… reminds me of Ferris Bueler movie. Lol

Thanks for the comment!
The driveway is bad, i didnt focus enough on it, because the terrain kind off screwed it up.

I tried to upload the file, but it didnt want to, haha… I will try again! .

I would love to see your project, man!
Thank you, I really appreciate it!

Im posting more now… Click the ‘full gallery’ link to see additional pictures. I try to document each step of the building process.

I really admire your work, man! It looks fantastic!