High Quality Export from Fusion 360 to SketchUp for V-Ray Render

Hi everyone,

I’d like to be able to use SketchUp to create high quality renders for my product designs. I am an industrial design student and am pretty fluent with Fusion360. I thought there’d be some great opportunity to render the product I designed in the context of where it may sit in a house. However, when I export the 3D model as a SketchUp file from Fusion, things that should be spherical are very low quality and would render in faces where there shouldn’t be any.

Any suggestions?

You should simply render directly in fusion 360. No need to convert to sketchup. In fact, sketchup has no native rendering abilities, but fusion does.

Is there a way to instead get the setting — a house or similar — into fusion? From there you can handle advanced materials and even lighting.

For example

SketchUp supports V-Ray which can provide very high quality renderings. Fusion 360 does not support V-Ray and it’s native rendering engine is extremely low quality compared to V-Ray

I had no way of knowing you owned and planned to use vray for this when I first responded.

The geometry in the Fusion export seems to have hidden edges but it is not smoothed. You can correct the appearance by selecting the faces and using the slider in the Soften/Smooth tray. I don’t know if the V-Ray plugin supports smoothing or if you have to do it again in V-Ray.

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Awesome, thank you, I will look into this!

Aren’t golfbals suppose to be dimpled and all?

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supports :wink:

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There are plugins such as Artisan (that I use) that support subdivision and smoothing when native tools aren’t enough (https://artisan4sketchup.com/). Right now it’s on sale for half off - Ends today I just realized!

Anyway…nice thing about VRAY is that beyond photo-realism, you can use it to create proxy components that keep your model geometry light (if you happen to use high polygon models). My experience/ background is in Landscape where vegetation components create HUGE amounts of geometery and manipulating terrain requires special tools - so the SketchUp+Artisan+VRAY workflow is critical to create conceivable renderings and illustrations.


Thanks for the recommendations and tips!

No problem. There is literally nothing that you can’t do in SU. While other programs may be better in one or two things, my experience has taught me that SU is good at A LOT of things…which to me is more important.