High lighting lines and surfaces

I want to highlight lines or surfaces and every time I try the Group or component box comes up.
What have I done?

Hit a shortcut key by mistake? Who knows without more info.

You created groups and components, placing the edges and faces in their containers, their own drawing context.

Double click on such geometry to enter the group’s (or component’s) editing context and now you should be able to select individual entities, edges and faces.
To leave the editing context, just click outside the box or hit [ESC].

Thanks. I understand that, but I want to use follow me to make some moulding go around 4 groups. If I go to edit Group, only 1 group will appear and the moulding does not appear. Hope that makes sense.

You cannot follow me around multiple groups. You can however make a path that goes around those groups.

Unless I am mistaken to do that I need to select the path and I can’t do that because if I try to select a edge (line) or surface(to create the path) the group box comes up which means I have 1 group and no moulding.

Think outside the box. Place plane through the groups, use Intersect faces with model to create an edge on the face and use that as your path.

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As an alternative to Box’s simple method for developing the path, you could just use the Line tool to trace the tops of the cabinets to create the path. Do that in the same context as the molding profile. (If it is a component, open the component for editing before tracing the cabinets.

I would generally trace the cabinets to create the path since intersecting a face with my cabinets would result in a string of shorter edge segments. The edges would be broken at the seams between cabinets and in my example below, at the seams between face frame elements.

I traced the top of the cabinets and moved the resulting edges straight up so they are easier to see.

Keep in mind that the profile and path don’t need to touch each other.


Thanks DaveR