3D Warehouse component does not work with FollowMe tool

I’ve downloaded from 3D Warehouse a base molding (outline) that I’ve placed on the cabinet. I’ve even drawn lines for guidance of the FollowMe tool. Yet the tool always displays a “red slashed circle” (I guess this indicates that it will not work), and nothing happens.

The base molding outline is a component; but even if I can convert it to a Group, it does not work.

I’m out of ideas.

Just an update: I’ve been able to get rid of the red slashed circle. Still does not work.

Thanks in advance.


Followme uses a face as the profile to extrude and an edge or curve (polyline) as the path to extrude along. You can’t use a Group or Component for either of them, and they have to be in the same editing context for the tool to work because you can’t simultaneously select things from different edit contexts.

3D Warehouse places the outline on SketchUp as a component. I have tried to tie the cabinet in with the outline and I’ve gotten it to work on two edges (but not the third).

Partial success; but still not there.

Open the molding profile component and draw in a path tracing the cabinet. Then run Follow Me. If the profile is a single face, it’ll follow the path you drew. It’s not likely that you want the molding and parts of the cabinet in the same context.

Hi Dave:

Not sure how to open the Molding Profile Component. I try editing the component, then draw lines again, but still not working.

Editing the component is opening it. Can you share the SKP file? At least the molding.

Would sharing my screen be easier?

Unfortunately, not at the moment for me.

Ok, How do I send you the SKP file?

Click on my name above this text. Click on Message. In the message box, click on Upload. The 7th button from the left above where you type text.

Done. SKP file sent to you.

I am switching the category to SketchUp as this thread discusses modelling, not viewing with a mobile device.


Ron, it looks like you selected the molding profile component and the path you drew and wrapped them up in a larger component.

Open the larger component for editing, explode the molding profile component, select the three lines for the path, get Follow Me, and click on the profile face. If the faces are blue after extruding, reverse the faces.

The profile and the path need to be in the same context in order for Follow Me to work.

I couldn’t determine how to explode nor move the component, so I’m starting from scratch downloading the base molding outline.

Once put in position, what do I do from there? Seems that when I draw the lines I can’t get the lines and outline in the same “context” (getting the red slashed circle with the FollowMe tool.

All you needed to do from the model you sent me was open the component containing the profile and the path lines, right click on the profile and choose Explode.

If you are doing it from scratch, import the molding profile component, put it in place as desired, open it for editing and use the Line tool to trace the bottom of the cabinet. Then select those lines, get Follow Me and click on the profile.

OK. I edited the molding component and added lines to the bottom of the cabinet. However, when I try select the lines drawn it actually highlights components that share that edge (can’t seem to stop this).

I’ll resend the SKP file.


OK. I got it to work (don’t ask me how). I guess I’ll have to try this more often to get it right.

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I expect when you tried to select the path lines and were getting the other components is that you didn’t have the molding component open for editing. Remember, to make any changes to the geometry within a component wrapper, you have to open the wrapper. You can’t add tomatoes to your sandwich without opening the Saran Wrap. :wink: By the way, you have the molding component double wrapped. It isn’t Limburger so a single wrapper will do. :smiley:

If selected the edges is too difficult, you might consider leveraging the component you’ve created. Make a copy of it an edit that one instead of the original.

What I’ve learned. When downloading from 3D Warehouse, the object is saved as a Component. By double clicking on the component, I can right click and explode the component. Once exploded, I can change the object to a Group.

Once a group object, I can edit the group, draw the lines, and successfully use the FollowMe tool.

Why would you convert it to a group? There’s no need to do that and you lose all the benefits of having the component. You’re just making more work for yourself.