Follow me use in complex geometries

I have been watch the youtube instructional video Late in the video, the follow me tool is used at different points on a drawing that is composed of many buildings. The author seems to go from one building to another as though the whole drawing is exploded. I can’t imagine that an architect would design a complex project without using groups or components.
I have tried every possible method to use the follow me on a component without placing the shape inside the box that surround the component when you edit it. So, say I have a project with 10 buildings. Do I have to explode the whole thing to place a different cornice on each building? No way.

In that video all of the buildings are loose, ungrouped geometry which allows them to go quickly from one extrusion to the next. If you don’t want to include your cornicesas part of the geometry of the components, you would need to do something to be able to select the path for Follow Me to operate on. I can think of numerous ways that could be done.

Maybe the easiest option is to make a component of the cornice profile which you can insert into the building component. Then select the edges you want it to follow, get the Follow Me tool, right click on the profile component and open it for editing and then click on the face. If you don’t want the cornice in the building component, exit edit mode for the extruded cornice component, cut it to the clipboard exit edit mode for the building component and then paste the cornice in place. With keyboard shortcuts for Follow Me and Paste in place, this will go quite quickly.

Another option that comes to mind is an extension called Profile Builder 3. It will let yourun a profile around components and groups without having to open them for editing. You can also create assemblies to run along paths which contain more than just a flat profile.

Thanks. You answered my question.

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