Problem with Follow Me function

I worked through the tutorial, then I went back to try the slide a different way. I can’t figure out why the Follow-Me function won’t work with the slide as I’ve set it up here. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Tutorial 2.skp (315.6 KB)

It’s because the profile is a component and the path is outside of it. Easiest would be to explode the component and then run Follow Me.

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Thanks! So you can’t do ‘follow-me’ using a ‘component’ and ‘explode’ makes a ‘component’ a non-component?

The easy way is to have the path and the profile in the same context. Either put the path inside with the profile or explode the component so the profile geometry is loose like the path geometry. Follow Me, like Push/Pull won’t work on geometry inside a component unless you open the component for editing first. That’s part of the point of making the component–so the geometry can’t be modified unless the component is opened for editing. And yes, exploding the component removes the component “wrapper” leaving the loose geometry.

There is an option, at least in SketchUp Pro, that allows you to run Follow Me without having the path and profile in the same context. It requires editing the component via the Context menu after selecting the path and getting the Follow Me tool.

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You can and do not explode the component

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