Hiding the axes in scenes

In the Scenes dialog, which property controls axes visibility? I’ve created a number of Scenes in a model and I’ve (subsequently) decided I want to hide the axes. However, the control of axes visibility doesn’t seem to be controlled by any of the Scene properties that one can toggle off / on to update. I’ve got to update all Scene properties in order to hide the axes (after deseleting in the View menu, of course).

Axes visibility doesn’t seem to reside in any of the individual Scene properties.

Does anyone have more info on this?


Axes is a style setting, so you need to update the relevant style for the scene.

Axes visibility is under the View pulldown menu. Once you’ve toggled it there, you can click on the scene tab and select Update.

As Box indicates you need to update the style if you change visibility for them. If you turn off the Axes and update the scene, you should be getting a warning message asking what you want to do with the style. In this case you probably want to update the style.

If you aren’t getting that warning, you need to go into Preferences and enable it.

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Thanks, Box!

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That’s exactly right, Dave. Thanks!

I knew you smart guys would set me on the right path. You always do! What a cool community.

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