Axes Location won't shut off in Scenes

Axes Location won’t shut off in Scenes made the changes.
Update the Style[s] used in the Scenes but no luck.

Axis display is not a style property. It’s a scene property. In your screen shot you have unticked Axes in the Properties to Save for the scene so any changes you make to the axes won’t be saved when you update the scene.

Tick Axes in Properties to save, turn off the axes in View, update the scene.

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“Tick Axes in Properties to save” What properties are you talking about? I have removed the check mark as the image I sent shows and updates the Scenes with no luck.

That’s the tick box I was referring to. By unticking it, you are telling SketchUp not to save the state of the axes after you change it. Also, if you click the Update button in the Layers panel, there’s a list of properties to update. Make sure the tick box for Axes is ticked there, as well.

Did all of that still no luck.

Upload the SKP file or if it’s too big to upload here, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Did you try this:

Third, a second window will appear with the same checkboxes. Check Axes Location in that, too, and press Update
image .

Like I said did all of that. No change.

Please notice, if you are viewing the panel to edit the style and untick axes under the view menue the box “model axes” in the style panel also follows suit. To remove the axes from that scene. Do not tick it. You will need to create a new style for that scene. Doing that will leave the other scenes with the axes viewable if you wish. More than one style is permitted on a drawing.

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Thanks RLGL you were right.

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