Hidden objects showing in Mobile viewer - bug?

I have almost finished designing a stage set for Under Milk Wood. Attached as a .zip file (it’s just a bit to big to upload uncompressed).
UMW set v1.3.skp.zip (1.6 MB)

I have two alternative designs for a ramp coming down from a 3ft high platform to stage level. (Each complete ramp is a separate component assembly). To show the alternatives to the Director, using the Mobile viewer, I have hidden one and left the other displayed.

Both show in mobile viewer on Android, but only the correct one on OS X. The model was designed in SU Pro 2016 latest update (M1 - v16.1.1451). The viewer is running on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, also latest versions of OS and Mobile Viewer app.
Android view:

And this is what it should look like:

Is this a known bug? How can I hide the ‘wrong’ version of the ramp one without deleting it from the model? Do I have to put it on its own layer and turn it off?

Perhaps as it is a component, I can just delete it from the model but leave it (unpurged) in the Components browser?

Advice welcomed for how best to work round this ‘feature’ of the mobile viewer without compromising the original model, and preferably not having to keep separate versions.

Another quirk: the visible white semicircles at the bottoms of the curtains in the Android view are supposed to be transparent, and don’t show on the Mac, but show white on the mobile viewer.

Is there a list somewhere of known bugs? I haven’t found it, if so, and don’t know where to report them if these are indeed bugs.

PS: The problem is the same in all saved Scenes - hidden correctly on OS X, visible on Mobile viewer.

PPS: And I get just the same behaviour on iPad Mini iOS 9.3 and Mobile Viewer v2.2.

Well, I have a usable workaround, but it is rather tedious.

I put the other ramp on its own layer, but then had to turn that layer off in every one of six scenes, and update each one, to get the behaviour I wanted, when a simple ‘hide’ would have done if the viewer behaved as I would have expected.

I know it doesn’t support Edge styles (yet), nor display dimensions, but showing Hidden objects…?

Hi John,

Apologies for the trouble. It sounds like you’re now on the right track, using layers and scenes. Thanks for reporting here to the forums, which is a great place to file feature requests or ask questions about possible bugs. We’re always checking the forums and transferring bug reports and feature requests from here to our internal systems.

The current version of the app also has a feedback form that you can use to send us feedback via email. But the forums are nice because you can attach images, files, etc.

In response to your question about a list… There’s still a big long list of features that folks have been asking for, including (in no particular order):

  • Edge Styles
  • Dimension & Text objects (on-screen & leader)
  • Hidden Geometry
  • Transparent Materials (the issue you’re seeing with the curtains)
  • Shadows
  • Sections
  • Position Camera
  • Walk
  • Play Animation
  • Background & Overlay Watermarks
  • Direct integration with additional storage services (GDrive, iCloud, etc)
  • Improved performance for large models
  • Support for Google Cardboard
  • +more

Thanks for the clarification - not a bug, just an unimplemented feature (yet).

I’ve got it to work as I wanted with a new layer, turned off in all Scenes.

My personal priorities would be first show dimensions from the model, second implement a Tape Measure tool in the viewer (PC, Mac AND Mobile), then transparency in the Mobile app. With NOT showing Hidden geometry up there in the top half dozen.

Good to know, thanks! :slight_smile: