SketchUp Free on iOS .. cannot unhide

The Display panel does not show Unhide options: All, Selected, etc… it appears to be missing. Hidden Objects toggle exists and I can see the objects, but have no way to unhide them?

Context click on the hidden object and choose Unhide. If you don’t get the Unhide option open the object, select the contents, context click and unhide.

Share the .skp file with us for more specifics.

How do you Context Click on a phone? Web app with a mouse, sure, I could have figured that out. But long press, two-finger press, double tap and press … don’t work. What’s the magic handshake without a mouse?

To be clear, I’m not sure this is a file issue so much as an UX issue. In the web app, I can right click with a mouse on the same file and get a context menu … however there appears no way to do that in iOS, that I’ve found. And the display menu does not offer tools at the top of the menu like I’ve seen in screenshots of iPad elsewhere … Is this a bug?

I think the main thing is that SketchUp is not really intended to be used on a phone. So many of the functions and capabilities are only accessible via context clicking. This is by design.

The phone app is only a viewer, you can’t edit your model.

Even if it’s just a viewer … Hide and unhide seem like pretty basic features for a viewer.

Yes, i wouldn’t have built the model without the desktop browser version … but do you at least acknowledge the limitations of said viewer, as a viewer for the already built model?

In my opinion, it’s like : why build a phone app at all if you can’t hide and unhide objects?

Clearly the use case is: I don’t have my desktop right now , let me show you this real quickly on my phone

… no, this program is garbage as a viewer without hide and unhide. Maybe just take it down from App Store and save folks the time?

That’s what the viewer is all about, viewing and not editing. If the modeler considers that an object should be hidden, it should not be shown.

The solution is easy, if you want it to be seen configure a different scene in which the object is shown in the web application.

It is always better to have an application than not to have it, if you don’t like it you don’t have to install it or use it. You always have the option to enter the web version from the browser of your phone, it will not be very practical but it will allow you to do what you want.

My understanding is that the viewers are intended to be tools for presentation, so it is the person who created the model that would create scenes and tags that give access to the things that are relevant.

There are 2 or 3 ways in which they can do that, using scenes, tags or styles.

In this case, the model that has been given to you doesn’t look to have been made for the client’s needs

Yeah, no. Salty much without understanding how SketchUp works - tags, scenes, etc?

The viewer is like going to the movies - except you get to spin it around and have some minimal interaction. The author of the movie controls what you see, just like the author of the model controls how the model is built and presented - including what is hidden and what is visible.

Ok apologies, for being salty. I think it was a knee jerk response to no one actually answering why the Display panel varies in experience.

Maybe I do use Sketchup more like a modeling application than a scene editor. Yes, I understand some of the concepts around tags and scenes, but probably not everything.

I looked again at the description in the App Store, and the description seems to lean it to being a main purpose focused on the application’s Scan-to-design feature.

The description does mention tags as intelligently generated for toggling visibility … but from a user perspective on the web app, the distinction in messaging seems very remote … especially if iPad also includes the tools in Display panel experience.

Again, apologies for demeaning the efforts around designing the app. Just a bit frustrated by the concept that I’m not using the application correctly. When there is nothing in the description on AppStore which explicitly calls out the app as a Viewer only … it even mentions editing scanned meshes, but maybe that’s meant to be elsewhere …

The confusion has probably come out of the app store and how the description is displayed.

There is 1 app that works on i.Pad and i.Phone

If you don’t have a subscription it remains a viewer
But if you have a subscription AND are on i.Pad, then it is a full editing version of SketchUp, with all the tools you normally have for modelling. I assume the app store doesn’t allow separate descriptions per device (of which there are many!)

Interesting … the description should probably be updated to avoid confusion between features and platforms.

Thanks again for taking the time.

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