Components missing when viewing with mobile viewer

Some components in my model do not appear when viewed with mobile viewer. The 3D warehouse has the exact same behavior when viewing the model in WebGL from a browser (Chrome). When downloading the model into sketchup, everything works as expected.

Are there any restrictions for components that is causing them not to appear in the mobile viewer or WebGL?


Hi Alessandro,

It sounds like you might be experiencing a bug with the Mobile Viewer.

You wrote:

When downloading the model into sketchup, everything works as expected.

Which leads me to believe that your components were viewable in the “Last Saved View” of your SketchUp model?

I ask because as you may already know, the Mobile Viewer app does not currently respect layer visibility, or hidden geometry on a scene by scene basis. In order for the components to be visible in the WebGL or Mobile Viewer, You’ll want to make sure that your components are visible in the “Last saved view” of your SketchUp model prior to uploading your model to 3D Warehouse.

If they are visible in the last saved view, and are still not showing up in the WebGL and/or Mobile Viewer app, please share the 3D Warehouse link, or attach the SKP file to this thread so we can investigate further.

Hi Mike,
Indeed the components were visible in the last saved view, as well as in the 3D warehouse thumbnail or static renders. I’ve made the model public so that you can investigate further:


Not sure why, but it now seems to be working in WebGL… I’ll check with the mobile viewer later.

I just received the latest version of Mobile Viewer and I don’t see dimensions that are in my drawings.