Hidden Lines on Vector Models


What are most folks doing to achieve a vector based layout drawing with hidden line geometry?
Raster Image with Hidden Lines is not really conducive for quality linework when printed to .pdf

I’ve attempted to duplicate viewports and then exploded one of them to be able to change the linework to hidden/dashed and then overlaid it on the other viewport. The challenge with this is 1-time consuming, and 2- you lose the ability to link model to drawing if changes/revisions are made.

Thanks for any feedback you may have.

I use stacked viewports with the one for the hidden geometry using wireframe face style and dashes set for the tag in LayOut. No exploding viewports. Each viewport is on a separate layer in LO.

Incredible. Thanks!

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Usually, setting Output Quality to high gives me good enough output from raster rendered viewports. No one is going to view them with a microscope. I use vector rendering when I need vector output like DWG exports. When exporting PDFs I turn JPG image compression off, that is what makes raster output ugly. For vector output, stacking viewports like @DaveR says is the way to go.

Using raster output avoids some intermittent glitches like missing lines that appear in vector output.