Show Hidden Geometry in layout with vector

How can i show the hidden lines in my drawing while remaining in vector view? They show up when I switch to raster, but I am not a fan of the pixel-ation of raster.

Hidden geometry is a raster display thing so it won’t show when you set the render type to Vector. You could unhide/unsoften all the geometry so those line will show. What is it you’re actually trying to display?

Okay. I wanted to show the hidden lines of the top chords in this truss assembly, so that I can dimension without a section cut. Not crucial, just thought this could be a nice way to save an additional drawing page (remove a section cut page).

You can make a copy of the viewport, set its render mode to Wireframe and use a dashed linetype and place it on top of the hidden lines or shaded view.

I would do that with stacked viewports as Anssi describes. Here’s an example showing hidden details for the style on a door. Same idea.