Hidden hidden geometry and cannot select all glued edges polygons by double or triple clicking

SK Problem 2

Selecting also does not work. When I triple-click all glued edges and faces are not being selected - only lines or faces. The select plugin is off and it still does this. I tried several times to unhide everything inside the group and outside (exploding) It disappeared and when selecting lines shows like hidden geometry but no hidden geometry is selected in the View.

Thank you

You don’t seem to be using Layers / Tags correctly.
All raw geometry [edges & faces] should be assigned Layer0 / Untagged.
Only ‘containers’ [groups / component-instances] should have other Layers / Tags, which are then used to control visibility.
Simply ‘hidden’ edges will select OK with multiple-clicking, but if they have been reallocated another ‘off’ layer / tag. then they will not.
Toggle View > Hidden Geometry > on/off to see ‘hidden’ edges etc, do not use Layers / Tags for this…

Reconsider your modeling methods and this self-induced issue will evaporate…

I am very sorry you have a wrong impression of me. However, I do model (my own modelling not imported components, CAD bcgrd., or additional proxy layers or/and Fredo interim layer) Now I need to ask you precisely for the steps as I need to avoid this issue in the future:
A. model every raw geometry on layer 0. When necessary group and put on a respective layer
B. when importing components from the SK web library, explode (or check them first) them, put them on layer 0 then group them
C. when importing CAD explode (I use Xref plugin) all lines, put on layer 0, group and put the group in layer CAD

PS as per posted issue: are you suspecting that not only the layer (other than the layer 0) on which the geometry is hidden inside the group, is turned off? I am not sure if I have followed you correctly.
Or do I forget about layers and use groups only (however then I need to name each group)

Thank you

What do you define as a tag (group name)?

This is an example. This group came from the component that I have imported from the library. I have no clue if this is a part of other components of groups which are on a different layer other than layer 0. However raw geometry is on layer 0

Firstly, your profile is incomplete so we don’t know enough about your setup to give targeted advice.

Secondly, although everyone works differently, it is generally best not to import anything directly into an existing drawing. Start a new drawing, import it there, make sure it is suitable for your use, and then save and use as a component. Unless the thing being imported has layers you want to keep, move everything onto Layer 0/Untagged before saving. You might also want to reduce nesting levels, etc.

If you turn off all layers/tags in your main drawing, you should probably see nothing at all, even with Hidden stuff turned on. That is because best practice is to move all groups/components onto dedicated layers/tags. Only raw geometry within those groups will be on Layer 0/Untagged (and nowhere else).

Thanks. When you use term tag does it mean layer/tag intermittently?

Tag is merely a different name in SketchUp 2020 for what was previously named layer. Since this is a new change that doesn’t apply to earlier versions, there is going to be some mixing of the terms for s while.

If sketchucation (software engineers) gods are listening from afar I have to say this: even with i7 9850 32 Gig RAM 980 GTX SSD using grouping and group tags (including renaming) in a complex scene brings modelling performance to abysmal levels. Same goes when importing AC files even 2000 file version. Granted, having a lot of plugins slows things down, but what to do when basic tools do not provide solutions for irregular modelling. And this is allegedly a directive from the top as the recourse for solving issues from selective picking, rendering, to lofting. Yes, one can parcel each part of the model into smaller pieces (files) and deal with them separately, then merge them as components in the end. However, this is a lot of acrobatics and time-wasting at this time and age. With the subscription as a general policy, this is becoming unacceptable — big thanks to people who provide free plugins.

Yes, they are interchangeable terms following release of SU 2020. You are not using 2020 as I can see that you have the Layer tray. I have to guess because of your incomplete profile.

You are getting quite mixed up. Sketchucation is a site that hosts certain extensions. They have no bearing on how SU is developed. They also have little or no control over what is uploaded as they are just a kind of store. This applies even more so than the Extension Warehouse that is at least run by the developers Trimble.

The whole point about SU is that the basic program can be used by many different kind of user who can then choose the extensions that help them in their particular discipline. It is rather like a multitool with different operative heads according to task. I see that you have downloaded a very large number of extensions, judging by the real estate gobbled up by icons on your screen!

I wonder why you are loathe to reveal your full profile?

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I have no idea how to set it up, to be honest, and I have had no time lately since I am pretty much busy with family obligations. All agreed about your points except when you gauge this reality against performance, workflow and cost. Thanks