Cylinder Edges Showing When Layer Hidden

I am trying to put together a model that will show various parts of a bridge for a training. I have each component assigned to various layers. There is a part where the columns sit on top of the foundations. The column is a smaller cylinder sitting on top of the foundation, which is a larger cylinder. When I unhide the column layer, it completely disappears. When I unhide the foundation layer, the vertical edge lines of the surface are still shown. I am seeing the same issue on another layer where the edge lines are showing even when the layer is unhidden. I am wondering what it takes to hide these lines.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you have got set up.

I presume you mean tag, not layer. It looks like you’re assiging tags to edges and faces instead of groups and components. That would definitely create the sort of thing you are seeing. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only groups and components should get tagged.

Here is the skp for it. You are correct on me meaning Tags, been in CAD too long.
Bridge Example.skp (728.3 KB)

The file confirms you are using tags incorrectly. All you have is a bunch of loose geometry with it all tagged differently.

And the result of fixing all of that incorrect tagging.
Screenshot - 6_22_2023 , 10_57_14 AM

And the fixed model.
Bridge Example corrected tags.skp (660.8 KB)

You need to be using components and groups to keep geometry separated. As I wrote before, keep all edges and faces untagged. Tags are used to control visibility of the components and groups.

How is your model going to be used?

It will be used for some training to show different parts of a bridge.

I am still learning Sketchup, so appreciate your feedback on this. Did you run a process to convert the faces and edges into components and groups? I am trying to learn now how to effectively use components and groups.

I did not create groups and components in your model. I ran an extension to remove all of the tags from the geometry but it’s still all loose geometry.

You should start with to get a proper handle on it.

I expect you really need to be using SketchUp Pro, not the hobbyist Free version.

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