Hidden geometry and scenes problem

Hi, i use skp 2019 normally, i am trying skp 2023 now, i5 12. gen cpu, nvidia rtx 3080 gpu 32 gb ram… When i create a scene with hidden geometry off, it is not saved on scene, whenever i click on scene tab, it turns hidden geometry on… How can i solve it?
Edit : At first scene creation i choose “do nothing to save the changes” option, now i am trying to fix it but i can’t…

Check which “Features to save” are activated in the Scenes palette for that scene.

All options are checked… I tried view-hidden geometry off and uptade the scene but no change, then i tried view-hidden geometry off and uncheck top level hidden geometry option in scene details and uptade the scene but again. nothing changed…

hello, are you sure you are not mixing up the hidden geometry view parameter and tag management ?

what do you see when you click on your scene ?

is it something like this or just plain geometry ?

turning hidden geometry / hidden objects on or off won’t have any effect on hidden tags.
in your tag panel, make sure the tag applied to the objects you want to remain hidden is off before updating your scene

Also note that hidden geometry is for loose geometry only. If you have groups or components that are hidden, that’s the view > hidden objects that will have an impact on them. **
** They split the two with the release of 2020 version, that might explain why you are confused by upgrading from 2019 to 2023

It is sandbox terrain, i mean old normal hidden geometry is always visible…

share the file so we can see what you have

The file is not mine, so i can’t share, but, we install skp 2023 on another computer, at first scene creation it asked saving options normally, this time i choose the second option and it worked fine… I choosed the third option on my computer, and now i can’t fix it…

There s no hidden objects in the scene, you see, that hidden lines are always visible, after hiding and uptading the scene, whenever i click on the scene tab they are visible again…

go to your scene panel, right click on the scene that bothers you and pick “show details” and make sure hidden objects is checked at the bottom before you update the very same scene

Now something strange happened, i open a new skp file, create a sandbox surface, activate view-hidden geometry and save the scene… Whenever i click on the scene tab, hidden lines are invisible… :slight_smile: What is going on, it is all about me choosing the third option at the beginning i guess…

When you create the scene are you getting the warning about the style being changed and asking what to do about that? If so, what action are you choosing? Or have you disabled that warning?

Screenshot - 7_24_2023 , 7_19_46 AM

When i instal sketchup, it asked of course, and i choose the third one and check the bottom option, now it is not asking… But i always use the third option with no problem on older versions of sketchup… Is it normal to choose the third option and not be able to change any settings of the scene? How it can’t uptade when i right click and choose uptade on the scene tab?

This is your problem. Choosing that third option and disabling the warning means you are going to manage the style changes yourself but you aren’t managing the style changes yourself. If you don’t want to see that warning you need to update the style before you create the scene or style changes like showing or not showing Hidden Geometry are not going to be saved and you’ll get what you are seeing. Basically you’ve created your problem for yourself.

It makes more sense to let the warning pop up and choose one of the first two options as you are creating the scene. Or, if you know you already have an existing style that does the same thing, cancel the scene creation, choose the correct style, and then create the scene.

It’s best not to disable warnings like that unless you really know the implications.

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You are right, when i use uptade in styles dialogue box, it worked… Then, what is the point of adding “uptade” in right clik of scene tabs? Are not they supposed to work linked?

Updating the scene is not the same as updating the style. If the warning was allowed to pop up when you update the scene after a style change, the same warning window you pop up and you could choose to update the style or create a new one. But you’ve told SketchUp you don’t want it to do that for you and will deal with it youself. If you are going to leave the warning disabled then deal with the style changes before you create or update scenes.

I would suggest you enable the warning again, then pay attention to it when it is displayed and make the appropriate choice from the first two options.

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Ok, how can i activate that dialogue to appear again? And thanks for solving my problem…

Window>Preferences>General: Click on Reset All Warning Messages.

You’re welcome.

Always check for the double arrows.

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Thank you all…

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@Box makes a good point. The large style thumbnail in the top left of the Styles panel shows the curved arrows when the style has been modified but not updated.

It would be a good idea to take some time to look through all of the style edit options to get familiar with what properties make up the style. Hidden geometry is one. There’s also Hidden Objects, Section Cuts, Section Fill, and other things.

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