Hidden geometry and scenes problem

You’re welcome. Maybe you can mark the post that solved your problem as the solution in case someone else comes along with the same issue.

But it is not the exact solution it seems… I tried to uptade the style changes on my current file and sketchup crashes, three times trying and the same… I opened a new skp file, created two scenes, i want one scene with hidden geometry on and one scene hidden geometry off… But both scene get affected, i can’t make two scenes with different styles…

This is different and not related to your problem with the style update warning. Some users seem to have an issue with changing scenes immediately after a style update. The SketchUp team is aware of this and a solution is supposed to be coming. In the meantime you can apparently avoid the crash if you orbit the camera a little or do something else between updating the style and selecting the next scene.

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Thank you, and i marked your answer as solution…

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