Hidden entity info

The bottom half of my Entity Info box is covered. I’ve tried restarting both the software and the computer. Can anyone help?? Thanks!

What is the display scaling set to? Is it more than 150%? If so, reduce it.

I gather this is new behavior?

Ah this fixed it, thanks! My computer recommends 250% display scaling and everything is quite small if I bring it down to 150%, but that did solve the problem.
I’ve only recently started using Sketchup intensely, but I don’t think I had this problem before.

Good to know that the display scaling fixed it. 150% display scaling has been the max for SketchUp for a long, long time.

This is something for the developers to think about, now that 4K screens are appearing in 14" laptops…

True. I guess the feature request has been made at least a few times. Things have improved overall but I think the inspector windows still need some love.