Hi, need help in solving this sketchup file

Can’t see my model when opening file. Only XYZ axes appear. Find my file link below.

That’s a very large file for it to have nothing in it.

Check if you didn’t accidentally hide everything.

Also, what’s your machine specs, perhaps that’s playing a role?

No. I do hide something but not all.

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? It’s not the free web version, is it?

Edit to add: Your model looked familiar and thanks to another sage, I was reminded of your previous thread from four months ago when I fixed this same file for you. At that time you wrote:

Hmmmm :roll_eyes:

You let this one get away from you. You are using tags incorrectly. All edges and faces should be untagged. I used TIG’s Default Layer Geometry to fix that.
Screenshot - 11_10_2020 , 4_28_53 AM
Then I made Untagged active as it should always be.

I turned on the visibility for all the tags. Then in Outliner I selected a component, right clicked on it, and chose Zoom Selection. This brought the camera in close to the model. Then with careful zooming I backed out and found this component with geometry scattered over a large area.

I deleted it and then purged unused.
Screenshot - 11_10_2020 , 4_30_41 AM

Now Zoom Extents makes the model fill the frame like this.

Working with the face style set to Monochrome will help to ease the load on your computer’s GPU. It’ll also help you see the exposed blue back faces that need to be corrected.

What I did reduced the file size by about 42%. I expect there’s more reduction possible. The file is still quite large so I’ll let you have a go at fixing it. You can do everything with the native tools. I provided a link above to the plugin I used for the automated fix of the incorrect tag usage.


Sorry wrong file uploaded. But thx anyway.

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