Hi Can any one please assist with a question re Units in SKP 2021 please :)

Hi I am new to the forum and would really appreciate help on this topic -
I am trying to change my units accuracy on my laptop to 1 decimal place - but they are not displaying with a decimal point in the settings -
for example my intention is to have
but its reading 20’5mm - this is not allowing correct modelling -

It is working fine on my desk top -

I would really appreciate any help on this as I have a really accurate model I need to make -

Thanks very much


Could you show us a screen shot of what is happening and where.

yes - thanks for helping - its in the unit set up section of the model info -
When I set to 1 decimal place it shows an apostrophe on laptop / not a decimal point as per desk top -
the apostrophe does not give correct model dimension .

Looks like your laptop has a different regional setting.
Check how you have it set up.

That’s fixed it !!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:
All the best


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